• Carillon innamorati danzatori


It should be noted that we can not produce music box melodies on commission, because these mechanisms are produced with computerized technologies and every request is taken into consideration (by Sankio) only for large quantities, more then 5000 pieces.
Our melody catalog currently supplied is very rich, with the most common music box melodies in the world.
Exists a lot of different music boxes mechanism, with more or less musical notes: 18-36-50-72 and 144 notes. More the comb is equipped with slats and more you have musical notes and octaves to a melody rich and composite. Our music box mechanisms mounted only 18 notes, to have a production available and regular, especially at a reasonable price.
Every creation has its own melody, assigned and cognate to the subject and is not possible to have a replacement.
Below you can find the melodies of our catalog, available for charging mechanisms and hand-crank mechanisms. You can listen to each melody thanks to the digital version we uploaded, simply by clicking on it and pressing the Play button.