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Functions and precautions

The functioning of a music box is based on the following principle: a cylinder fitted with cotter pins that spins on an axis parallel to a keyboard provided with foils, raises them to put them in vibration.

The main components of a carillon are:
  • Sinker: is the base where all the components of the musical mechanism are fixed. It also allows you to place the musical mechanism on the box set of chimes.
  • The comb or keyboard: is composed of a series of foils or metal teeth assembled to each other by a single axis. There are of 18-36-50-72 and 144 notes.
  • The cylinder: it is a full roll (filled with shellac) and provided with cotter pins. The shellac allows to limit the vibrations and to keep the pins.
  • The drum: it is the casing that protects the steel spring.
  • The spring: metal sheet properly wrapped to generate movement of the gears and transmit the rotation of the cylinder.
  • The speed controller: it is a device equipped with flaps that allows the mechanism to control the energy and speed of the cylinder that rotates.

  • Key charging: fixed under the drum, allows you to pull the spring and often has the emblem of the manufacturer.
  • The maltese cross: a device that allows you to not charge too the mechanism.
  • Leads and dampers: the pieces of lead placed under the plates allow you to accord them. As their weight is great more the note becomes low. The final adjustment is obtained by adding or removing weight to the ends of each plate. Some plate is even filed down to get the exact note. The dampers are placed on the laminae and allow to reduce the parasitic vibrations of each of them.
  • From this basic structure has been studied with appropriate modifications the possibility of creating infinite movements such as rotation, rocking, swings and more.
  • The possibility of finding new solutions is fascinating, and sometimes haunts.

    • funzionamento carillon
    • Precautions: there are very few things to do to keep in good condition a music box, because a carillon is one of the few tools of mechanical music that will never lose its accord to the heat humidity.
    • If the flap of the controller does not run, make sure that no dirt is caked to the axis of this controller.
    • If the mechanism of your music box make noise or is not rotating at the correct speed, pour in the spaces some oil for watchmakers.
    • If the music box creaks, means that the mechanical parts are entered in vibration and must therefore must be fixed better.