Musicians, wooden music boxes
“A few years ago I had the good fortune to see and hear Chung Myung-Whun conducting the orchestra of La Scala, in Milan. In that moment I realized that classical music can give you great and strong emotions, especially at the theater.. to hear or see a concert elsewhere is just a representation ... it’s not magic like at the theatre.

My place was very close to the orchestra and it was almost possible to listen to it: the cracking of the fingers on the violin strings, the sound of the punctuation pages, the musicians' breathing, the looks between the performers and the director, and the ecstasy in the faces of the spectators. Everything was hanging on a thread.

I do not remember the songs played, but apparently the single songs were not as important as the atmosphere created by them. In that concert I also loved the silence, the initial and especially the final one, when you return to the reality and applaud gives you the certainty to be part of it. “

March 2011